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Strawberry Festival in Maletto

District Taormina - Catania - Etna


Strawberries invade Maletto, a town nestling on the slopes of Mount Etna, to give your tongue a sweet taste. A host of live music complements the locally-grown strawberries to give your ears and stomach a filling weekend. Cakes, risotto and whatever you can think of, will be infused with strawberries.

At the beginning of 1900s, a strawberry plantation was created in Maletto for the variety called Madame Moutot of France. The land of Maletto, fertilized naturally from the mineral components of the eruptions of Etna, produces red, fruity, sweet and fragrant strawberries.

Maletto strawberries are the protagonist in a crowded Festival that attracts thousands of fans from all over Sicily, who come to sample the cakes and ice creams. The particularity of these strawberries is unquestionably their extraordinary delicacy and fragrance and the fact that they are free of artificial processes, and, therefore full of beneficial properties. Festival highlights include a series of tasting of strawberry-based specialties such as pizza alla fragola (strawberry pizza); Arancini alla fragola (deep-fried rice balls with strawberries); Macedonia alla fragola (fruit salad with strawberries); Risotto alla fragola...

Are you ready to enjoy your taste?  

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