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Christmas Cribs in Caltagirone



Caltagirone is the pottery and Christmas crib town par excellence in Sicily!

Every year from the 24th of November to the 9th of January, if you rent one of our charming villas, you can visit one of the largest exhibitions of handmade Christmas cribs. Each crib has a different setting and the artisans using different materials stage their figures, most of which are automaton, while they are performing the ancient Sicilian crafts such as the woodworker, the metalworker, the shepherd, the knife grinder and so on.

You can buy the "Presepe Card", a single ticket for different cribs expositions: there is a fee to pay to see the cribs but with the purchase of this card you’ll pay just once to visit them. There’s a card sponsored by the town hall, but there is also another one promoted by private associations. Even the latter includes more or less the same number of cribs.

The main road of the town is the long via Roma which cuts the city into two parts and leads to the famous S. Maria del Monte stairway. The stairway connects the old town, the site of religious power in the 16 C, with the new one where the civil buildings were constructed.
The 142 lava stone steps are decorated with splendid polychrome majolica tiles with geometric, floral, animal and decorative motifs. At the top of the monumental stairway there is the church of S. Maria del Monte.

In Christmas time the main squares are crowded with handcraft markets, where you can buy, in addition to local pottery, Sicilian food, listen to the music and enjoy other events. Furthermore, you shouldn’t miss the “Alive Cribs” on the 24th, and from the 26th to the 28th of December and from the 4th to the 6th of January 2020, an alive representation of the nativity scene.

How to get there
Caltagirone is a town near Catania. To get there:
Take the state highway 192 and follow the road signs to Gela/Caltagirone;
Take the state highway 417 and follow the road signs to Caltagirone/Santa Maria di Ganzaria;
Take the state highway 124 and follow the road signs to Caltagirone.

The journey by car takes about one hour from our stunning holiday rentals.
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