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Arancino dell'Etna Fest - Ragalna (CT)

District Taormina - Catania - Etna


Discover Festa dell'Arancino on 13 and 14 July 2019 in Ragalna (CT) - Municipal Area "Parco dell'Amicizia".

​​Fall in love with Sicilian flavors and folklore. Food tastings, various specialties of Arancino, folklore and lots of live music, markets, typical products and specialties of the Italian street food are waiting for you!

Creative workshops and various entertainment activities for children!

Curiosity: The sicilian name "Arancino", which is translated as "little orange", derives from their shape and colour which, after cooking, is reminiscent of an orange. They have a conical shape representing the volcano Etna!

Ragalna is a nice town located on the south-west side of Etna, called "terrace of Etna", due to the vast panorama that extends from the Simeto Valley to the Gulf of Augusta, up to the city of Enna. There're a lot of interpretations about the origin of the name of Ragalna. The most reliable seems to be that the name has Arabic or late Latin origins, which dates back to the term "Recalena", which indicates a "locality situated in a stony area and characterized by a breath of wind".

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