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Vernissage of HEAVEN AND EARTH – Marc Vinciguerra

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Discover Marc Vinciguerra at the MacS;(Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily), directed by Giuseppina Napoli, the event entitled “Di Cielo e Terra” (in via Crociferi – via S. Francesco n. 30, in Catania). Signed by the illustrious sculptor Marc Vinciguerra, currently one of the protagonists of the 58th Venice Biennale.

For the occasion, introduced by Giuseppina Napoli, the artist, Marc Vinciguerra will intervene and, as curator, prof. Adriano Pricoco (Academy of Fine Arts of Catania).

The exhibition will be open to the public until September 15th 2019 and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.30am to 5.30pm.


Marc Vinciguerra is a Parisian artist who lives in America. He is currently exhibiting a monumental statue in Venice during the Biennale of architecture in a show he is sharing with other artists including Richard Meier (Pritzker Price and architect of the Getty Museum). His installation in Venice was qualified as “extraordinary” by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. Marc Vinciguerra also has a great following with philosophers and writers, winning the Award for participation in the Alpine Fellowship in 2014, a visionary award that seeks to reconnect art and philosophy hosted by the philosopher and host of the BBC (Why Beauty Matters) Sir Roger Scruton.

Marc Vinciguerra is also a teacher. He lectured at universities at the Cini Foundation in Venice and wrote articles on the future of art. He was invited by the European Cultural Center of Venice to show Yoko Ono’s sculptures.

His work is an attempt to break the wall that separates traditional art and contemporary art. Marc Vinciguerra brings both together with the ability of a Renaissance artist and the thoughts of a philosopher of the twenty-first century. In a new exciting way, it transforms figurative art into conceptual installations. When the curators greet visitors in the Venetian palace, where his monumental Triptych is installed in front of the great Venice canal, they describe his work as figurative installations.

Marc Vinciguerra fuses the past and the future together to create a richer future for art. The catalog of his last exhibition was published in 12,000 copies.

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