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PHYONGYANG RHAPSODY - ironic and digital art project by Max Papeschi and Ferrigno

District Taormina - Catania - Etna
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The Old Customs House in Catania hosts the exhibition “Pyongyang Rhapsody“, the ironic and irreverent digital art project by Max Papeschi and Max Ferrigno curated by Laura Francesca Di Trapani, from 25 May to 24 September.

“Pyongyang Rhapsody” is the narrative in the form of a parody of the historic first summit between the US president, Donald Trump, and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.The episode stimulated a reflection on the part of the two artists who give life to a hilarious and grotesque dialogue, a game of mirrors between two authoritative characters that the symmetrical layout of the exhibition, displays in the form of a question and answer. An amusing crescendo of iconic images that culminates in the two gigantic posters drawn by Papeschi from the Renaissance visual anthology: on the one hand Trump, replaced by Jesus in Leonardo’s Last Supper and which seems to come to terms with the unexpected solitude of a long table abandoned by diners; from the other Kim in the center of the shell in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, surrounded by clones of Dennis Rodman, a basketball player of whom he is a huge fan.

For its part, Ferrigno, faithful to pop aesthetics, reinterprets the flags of North Korea by turning the symbol of the Asian country into sex toys, while two pin-ups / soldiers who have escaped from the formal perfection of a manga or anime, greet and hypnotize the public winking and alluding, who knows, to an elusive coup of perverse and dominating women: the first step towards a hypothetical regime by PinkPower.

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