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Paludi - Giuseppe Agnello

District Taormina - Catania - Etna



The exhibition “Marshes” by Giuseppe Agnello, curated by Daniela Fileccia, promoted and created by the president of the Alfredo la Malfa Foundation and by Dario Cunsolo, with the patronage of the municipality of San Giovanni la Punta (CT) and the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo (PA).

The Sicilian sculptor, after the recent exhibition “Dalle Dure Pietre” at the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples (AG) and “Arcadio terra in moto” at the Archaeological Park of Naxos – Taormina (ME), on the occasion of this exhibition presents about 15 works of recent production, of which some are installations, united by the calcareous-cement material, recalling the long process of fossilization. In the entire production of the Sicilian artist, nature is the source from which to draw for the construction of forms and concepts, be they human figures or plant elements. Nature is the infinite field from which Giuseppe Agnello draws sources, stimuli and connections with his idea of art.

If the metamorphosis with which Giuseppe Agnello worked in the past however evoked the movement, “Paludi” marks the fossilization of a humanity in a continuous state of immobility and material and psychological fragility. On the one hand the marshes of Agnello tell of a stagnant and indolent humanity so devoid of vital energy to be absorbed by vegetation and mud, on the other hand they turn a confident look towards the future, in which decomposition and silence can indicate a necessary transition to change.

Paludi” wants to witness a return to the ancient function of sculpture in space that Elena La Verde and Alfredo La Malfa so strongly wanted to dedicate to beauty. As the curator Daniela Fileccia states: “ancient in the sense of the essential function of beauty, to reveal space and time beyond form and matter”.

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