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San Martino Festival

District Taormina - Catania - Etna


San Martino is for sure the most important wine festival in Sicily. During this celebration people use to taste the new wine produced during the grape harvest that here takes place between August and September. 
The legend of San Martino narrates that Martino, the son of a Roman official became soldier and during a very cold autumn day near the town of Amiens met a beggar. Martino carried away by his good natural instinct cut his cloak in two peaces and gave half of it to the beggar. Like a magic the cold disappeared and the sun bigan to shine.
The 11 November is linked to this happening and every year people celebrate this event with friends tasting new wine and eating roasted chestnuts together.
You can enjoy your San Martino day in different places here in Sicily such as Linguaglossa.
This little village on the slopes of Mount Etna, celebrates San Martino on the 10th and the 11th of November in its main squares with wine tastings, roasted chestnuts, typical Sicilian autumn foods combined with music, folk dances and games.

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