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Zuccu in Sicily on Christmas Eve

District Taormina - Catania - Etna


The zuccu is a bonfire lightened in the main squares of many towns and villages in Eastern Sicily on Christmas Eve. Rent one of our lovely villas to enjoy this touching moment during your winter holiday!

The;zuccu;is a tradition that goes back to the origin of time. Fires were lit as auspices for harvest in Pagan times. Christians continued the tradition of bonfire as a symbol of the light that guided the shepherd to the crib.

Now, during your winter holiday in every square of Eastern Sicily, you can see a few days before Christmas, a heap of logs and trunks ready to be burnt on the cold night of Christmas Eve.

On December 24th the inhabitants gather in the main square of their town and light the bonfire at about 8 o'clocck. The fire lasts all night long and usually people chat and warm themselves standing by it and waiting for midnight.

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