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Haptic Museum Borges - Catania

District Taormina - Catania - Etna


Housed at the Polo Tattile Multimediale of Catania. the Haptic Museum Borges is a precious spot where every visitor is invited to make the tour by touch.

Blind visitors will discover the beauty of monuments using this sense. 

The museum is also a new way to explore art and beauty.

Touch the Venus de Milo, some of the most important monuments in Catania or the models of the Temple of Agrigento which are kept in a constantly-growing gallery.

At the Polo Tattile Multimediale you can also visit the dark bar. An experiment of integration based on a role reversal: the blind visitor is the “guide in the dark” of the sighted person.

By reservation only, it is possible to try a new experience: the “dinner in the dark” in a room that has been prepared for that.