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A Piscaria Fish market - Catania

District Taormina - Catania - Etna


In the heart of Catania City Center, "a Piscaria" is one of the most fascinating fish market of the world: colors, smells, people shouting about their products there are waiting to be picked.

Immersed in the Baroque of the city, really close to Piazza Duomo, has its theatrical entrance near the fountains of the Amanano river. Named "acqua 'o linzolu", that means "water that falls down straight like a bed sheet" it is a gorgeous monument that deserves a photo. 

In the chaos of voices and colors, you will find fresh fish and meat, vegetables, fruit and a lot of locals in ther common life grogeries. 

A must-see show: if you are visiting Catania, do not miss the "piscaria" fish market.